Does Space Jam 2 Live Up to the Legacy?

Does Space Jam 2 Live Up to the Legacy?

It’s been 25 years since the release of the first Space Jam Movie, which brought together legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and various Looney Tune heroes.

Space Jam 1996 

The original film is set in 1993, the year Michael Jordan announced his retirement from basketball to pursue a career as a professional baseball player. It tells a fictionalised account of what happens between then and his 1995 comeback, whereby he teams up with the Looney Tunes to help him win a basketball match against a group of aliens.

 Space Jam 2

You probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s not a life changing watch or Oscar worthy production, but it’s still considered a 90s nostalgic classic. While it’s no critics favourite, it’s a light-hearted animation that’s a fun easy watch even if basketball isn't your thing. The dodgy 90s CGI is entertainment in itself.

Space Jam CGI

The 2021 sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy sees the return of the Tunes Squad and in the place of Jordan is today’s face of basketball, LeBron James. The premiss of the film is a Father’s battle with his videogaming-mad Son to get him to follow in his size 15 basketball footsteps. You can expect the usual Tune Squad action, cameos from NBA superstars and Hollywood celebs, as well other familiar Warner Bros characters such as Scooby Doo and King Kong.

Space Jam 2021 

Initial critics reviews are calling in “no slam dunk”, but atleast the CGI has come along way since 1996. Does it live up the the legacy? Soon you can decide for yourself- it's in cinemas from tomorrow (Friday 16th July 2021).

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