Vintage or 'Vintage Look'

Vintage or 'Vintage Look'

Why buy a vintage tee rather than a 'vintage look' tee? 'Vintage look' tees created by new fast fashion brands lack character and the charm that true vintage has behind it, not to mention the complete lack of originality. The softened fabric, faded materials, cracked graphics and the history behind them make them even more unique. And the fact you can say "this tee is older than me"

It’s not news that the fashion industry is a huge factor in climate change, and that fashion is the second biggest contributing industry after oil. From chemicals and unethical labour for creating cheap fabrics and garments, to then living in landfill two months later due to the fast turnaround on emerging fashion trends.

Vintage is a more sustainable and responsible way to shop. As well as it being and an original and expressive way to dress. 

It takes around 2700 litres of water to make just 1 tee, from growing, washing and transporting cotton. This is enough water for one person to drink for 900 days. (

Vintage tees have been worn by many celebrities and street style icons making them a staple in wardrobes. Their ability to fit effortlessly in different aesthetics is what have made them so popular in fashion today. 

Bella Hadid

Hayley and Justin Beiber

Where fast fashion brands attempt to replicate iconic brands such as Harley Davidson and NASCAR, they will never achieve the charm that real vintage has. 


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