We're A Real Living Wage Business!

We're A Real Living Wage Business!

What is the Real Living Wage? 

We’re proud to be 1 of the 10,000 employers in the UK accredited by The Living Wage Foundation. But what does this mean? 

It means we pay our team a voluntary rate which is above and beyond the government’s National Minimum Wage to ensure our team are always paid a fair wage that covers the real cost of living.

The real cost of living includes things like your weekly shop, a trip to the dentist and energy bills. 

How is the Real Living Wage calculated? 

The real Living Wage rates are higher than the minimum wage because they are independently calculated based on what people need to get by, as opposed to the Government's minimum wage which primarily takes into account what businesses can afford to pay. New Living Wage rates will be announced on Thursday 22nd September 2022. 


What's the impact of the Real Living Wage Foundation? 

Over 300,000 employees have now received a pay rise as a result of the the Real Living Wage! 

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