All About Denim. What is it?

All About Denim. What is it?

Denim is the staple that almost everyone will have, it can transfer into all seasons as well as create some iconic looks...

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake 2001

But to say we all own a piece of denim, we don't really know much about it. What is it made from and what made it so popular? 

Denim is a type of woven fabric made from cotton, It consists of two yarns, one that has been dyed to the desired denim colour and the other white which creates the texture and depth in which denim is most known for. 

It's a durable material and that was its first purpose, using patches to replace worn out part of clothes, especially work wear in the 1800's. It wasn't until 1873 when the first pair of denim jeans were created by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss 👇

Levis's over the years have become the most iconic denim brand in the industry, creating classic styles and fits that are suitable for everyone. As a brand they're aware of the impacts fashion has on the climate, they want to create product that last.

"Levi’s® products are made to be worn and designed to get better with age" -

That's why vintage Levis are some of the best quality jeans on the market. Click here to shop vintage Levi's

Why shop second hand denim?

  • It takes around 7,500 litres of water to make one pair of jeans 
  • Then are treated with harsh chemicals which pollute our waterways 
  • Most likely to end up in landfill if cheaply made
  • 90% of textile cotton is genetically modified 
  • Denim gets better with age

What we do...

We save tonnes of denim from landfill to help you shop second hand! We handpick, grade, launder in house, and recycle unwearable denim into new garments in our own factory ♻️

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So how did denim move on from workwear to everyday leisure wear? up until the 1950's it was pretty much only working people of the western United States, such as cowboys, lumberjacks, and railroad workers who sported jeans. However, in 1954 zippers were introduced and the younger generation started to wear them. Culturally, jeans became a symbol of the youth rebellion during the 1950's and 1960's.

Nicola Formichetti, Naomi Campbell, 70's Magazine, Will Smith, Destinys Child

Denim has lived through every decade, culture and trend ever since, and we're still recycling the denim trends today. 

Dua Lipa 

Kanye West and Julia Fox

Bella Hadid

Some of our fave styles that are available online now 👇

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