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Browse our range of Men’s Vintage Sportswear from your favourite American sports teams. Choose from Vintage NFL Sweatshirts, American Football Jerseys, Caps, and hand-picked Baseball Jackets to add to your vintage wardrobe. Whether you prefer lounging at home in your Jersey, or representing your favourite team with a Vintage Letterman’s Jacket, we’ve got something for you. We sustainably source original shirts from the teams you love, including the New York Giants, the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys, and more. These Men’s Vintage American Sportswear items have been designed with comfort and quality in mind, and made by well-known US brands like Starter, Nike, and Reebok. Shop Glass Onion, for all your Men’s Vintage American Sports Clothing needs. Complete the look and style with Men’s Vintage Jeans or Tracksuit Bottoms.