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Browse our range of Vintage Fred Perry Clothing including retro Polo Shirts, Jackets, Knitwear, Tennis Skirts and so much more. Discover some of our favourite vintage sports brands including Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, Champion and so much more. The Fred Perry brand was founded in 1952 and most of its early inspirations were taken from the tennis court. Fred Perry himself was a British tennis player with eight Grand Slam wins and two Pro Slam titles under his belt. His fashion career began in the 1940s when Perry teamed up with footballer Tibby Wegner to produce the first antiperspirant sweatband. The first Fred Perry polo shirt then debuted at the Wimbledon tournament in 1952 and featured the iconic Fred Perry logo. The logo itself is influenced by the Wimbledon tournament and features a laurel wreath. Now one of the most recognised logos in the world, the Fred Perry brand has gone from strength to strength. Originally designed to be worn on the tennis court, Fred Perry soon launched a series of coloured polo shirts and an array of styles including the M12 and has been adopted by a variety of subcultures. From the Mod’s of the 1960s to Ska Punk fans of the 80s, the Fred Perry brand has a timeless appeal for fans of both vintage and modern styles. We offer an extensive range of Vintage Fred Perry Clothing including all of your iconic favourites. From Vintage Fred Perry Tennis Skirts and Sweater Vests to Retro Fred Perry Polo Shirts and Jackets, there is something for everyone at Glass Onion. Shop the full collection of Retro and Vintage Fred Perry Clothing today.