15 Iconic Friends Moments That Are So Relatable to Lockdown Life

15 Iconic Friends Moments That Are So Relatable to Lockdown Life

1. Sums up life in lockdown pretty well:

Friends 1

2. When you've ran out of stuff to watch on Netflix and boredom reaches a whole new level: 

Friends 2

3. When you’ve been in sweatpants so long the thought of jeans brings a tear to your eye:

Friends 3

4. When takeaways have become the sole highlight of your week and your housemate wants a slice of the pizza you ordered 🍕:

Friends 4

5. When you have one of those days where you feel like a meltdown is around every corner:

Friends 5

6. When you binge watch too many crime documentaries and decide to brush up on your self defence skills. 

Friends 6

7. When you realise how much you miss hanging out with other human beings.

Friends 7

9. When the "stay at home" message finally starts to sink in

Friends 9

10. When your housemate suggests a home workout: 

11. When the plan was to use all this free time to become more mindful:

Friends 10

12. That time you tried to give learning a new language a go but it lasted about a day: 

Friends 11

13. When someone tells you how productive they're being in lockdown: 

Friends 12


14. When daytime napping becomes a part of the "new normal":

Friends 14


15. Your brain trying to tell you to rein in the online shopping:

Friends 15

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