Quality Condition & Care

Glass Onion

The Brand New Second Hand

During our hand selection process, we sort and grade each product and check in detail to note if there are any quality issues we need to inform you of. The majority of our product range includes used items, so generally there will be signs of use. Don’t worry about minor imperfections, the beauty of shopping vintage is that all garments have their own character and a great story behind them.

After being hand selected, product is always laundered. We want to make sure your pieces arrive in their best condition. As we are passionate about sustainability, we also want to encourage our consumers to handle their vintage with care and re-wear items as much as possible before considering donating, recycling or handing down.

We hope to inspire you to shop consciously, consider adaptability and material of garments, and focus on staple pieces. A lot of branded vintage pieces we stock were originally created with the purpose of being worn again and again, an aim that fast fashion isn’t as focused on today. Shopping second hand and caring for your clothes not only ensures durability and a classic style, but gives character to an outfit.

Anything that we range on our website, in store and at our events, we deem in a condition that’s suitable for sale. Online, we also make sure that any obvious issues are mentioned in the product description within the product page on our website and of course captured in the corresponding imagery.  The condition of the product determines the selling price for all items – this applies both online and instore.


We hope that you love your product as much as we do. If you have any feedback, please get in touch through the form on the Contact Us page.