5 Tips to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

5 Tips to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

It’s no real surprise that Levi’s are in your wardrobe somewhere, whether it be a jacket, shorts or a pair of staple jeans, but do you really know how to care for them and make them last ~forever~? 


Reduce, Reuse, RE-WEAR!

There’s no need to wash your jeans after every wash (or any of your clothes for that matter). The creative director of Wrangler, Sean Gromley says “try to hold off washing for 180 days of wearing them through”. If you do so happen to spill a bit of your dinner down yourself simply spot clean the area immediately with cold water and let air dry. 


Cold Wash 

Warm water can cause denim to shrink - not a vibe when you’ve found your perfect fitting pair of Vintage Levi’s 501s. A tiny bit of detergent will be perfect to have them feeling fresh again - but also do take note of the care label and how this suggests you to wash your denim. You can also use denim wash which is a more natural method of washing denim

Air Dry

Tumble dryers can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time when it comes to laundry, especially with vintage denim. To avoid any type of shrinking, get your jeans pegged outside and save on your energy bills at the same time.


Avoid Folding 

Especially with metal clip hangers, they tend to have sharp teeth which can damage the denim (and any other clothes in that matter). S hooks are a perfect alternative to keep your denim hanging fresh. They simply attach to the outer belt loops of the jeans with the zip facing inwards. It also makes for an aesthetically pleasing wardrobe of denim.


Repair & Reinvent

Denim will naturally soften over time and will wear down eventually if worn over a long period. There’s denim experts who shall help tailor your denim to last longer. You can also add patches of fabric over worn areas to give your denim some personality. or why not make them into a pair of remade shorts - now taking you through all seasons. 



If you no longer love your jeans or want to upgrade for a different style - perhaps a pair of 550s, you can donate your loved pair to friends and family or in our Sheffield store as part of our Recycle With Us scheme. 

Check out our Garment Care Guide for more tips and info on caring for your vintage.

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