8 Tips To Shop Vintage Pop Up Events

8 Tips To Shop Vintage Pop Up Events

As the creator of vintage kilo sales, we wanted to bring something new to the world of thrifting. Enter Pop Up events, the new way to shop vintage easily, sustainably and responsibly. With the help of slow style influencer, Sophie from @saint.thrifty, we’re giving you the best 8 tips to help you make the most out of your time at our Pop Up events.

1. Be A VIP 

Making sure you’re one of the first people at our events will help in making sure you get first pick through the quality stock we have brought with us on the day. For as little as £5 you get to beat the queues and a free Glass Onion tote bag!

2. Make a Mood-board

Arriving already inspired is going to help you find vintage gems that you were missing from your wardrobe, we love a Pinterest board of inspo here at Glass Onion. Having the app downloaded on your phone will help being able to keep on track and check throughout your shop!

3. Bring a Friend

We recommend bringing a friend that you trust with your wardrobe woes - having a second opinion is super helpful to make sure you stay on track with your wishlist. Even if there are things that take your fancy that didn’t make the list, you want to make sure it’s something you trust you’ll wear over and over again. 

4. Comfort is Key

Comfy and casual is key. We always advise trying on any vintage gems you’ve grabbed as everything is sold as seen, not allowing you to return it. The best type of outfit to make sure you can beat the changing room queues is a slip skirt/dress, sports shorts or cycling shorts, this way you’ll easily be able to slip on an outfit without having to wait for a changing room. Changing rooms are available but they can get busy quick! 

5. Question: Would You Wear It?

It’s very easy to be distracted by all the amazing vintage pieces we take with us to our pop up events. We want to make sure that what you buy from our events is going to be loved for years to come.

6. Take Your Time 

There’s no rush! Take your time to look through all the rails we bring with us. If you know you suit a certain colour or love a specific texture, pick them out, take a look at the silhouette, size it against yourself, try it on and think of what you already have in your wardrobe that will complement the piece.

7. Shop for Friends 

The best thing about second hand and vintage clothing is that there’s a piece that will suit everyone! You’re almost guaranteed to find something that a friend will love too that they might have missed!

8. Don’t be Disheartened 

If you can’t find anything you love - don’t worry! We top up our stock throughout the day, if you’re making a day of it pop back and see if there is anything else that takes your eye. Our staff working on the day also LOVE vintage clothing, and are happy to help you find your new favourite pieces that you might have missed.

We’re popping up all across the UK and would love to see you! Grab your ticket to your new favourite vintage event today and make sure to follow along on Instagram to let us know which city you want to see us in next.