Afghan Coats: Your Y2K Autumn Winter Staple and Their History

Afghan Coats: Your Y2K Autumn Winter Staple and Their History

Fur-trimmed coats, or Afghan coats are a staple in your Y2K Autumn Winter wardrobe this season and we’re going to let you in on why and how they got their name and a brief history about them. 

Where did Afghan coats originate from?

In the 20s fur trimmed coats were invented by the Afghans to keep them warmer in their colder climate. Traditionally they came in 3 forms; sleeveless, hip length vests known as Pustinchas. Knee length, long-sleeved coats known as Pustakis and ankle-length coats called Pustins. Although written about as if only men wore them, women did too and they were considered as Afghan national dress.

history of Afghan coats
Image source: Wikipedia, Pinterest 

Then coming to the UK within the 60s as a fashion staple within the ‘hippie’ scene when John Lennon stole the show during the launch of Sgt, Pepper’s Loney Hearts Club Band in 1967. Also styled up by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and more, proving that they’re a coat worth having in your collection. Jump to 2000 when worn by Kate Hudson’s character in the Penny Lane film Almost Famous, remaining as a firm favourite among the Y2K trend today. 

Styling notes from our Vintage Buyer & Stylist Hayley:

Image source: Pinterest

“One of my favourite ways to style Y2K Afghan coat is with a denim midi skirt and baby tee. Style with cowboy boots and a baguette bag to bring it all together. If skirts aren't your thing, low rise denim jeans have had a big comeback this year and are set to stay through Autumn/Winter. If denim isn't your thing why not style with a pair of parachute trousers, Y2K skinny knitted scarf and a baby tee. A pair of Clark Wallabees would finish this look of together and give immaculate vibes *chef kiss*” 

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