Balletcore Fashion: What Is It & How To Wear The Trend

Balletcore Fashion: What Is It & How To Wear The Trend

It is undoubtable that balletcore was one of 2022’s fashion trend spotlights and it’s not going anywhere in 2023! A trend embraced by influencers, celebrities, luxury brands and currently trickling down into the high street, here’s our version of balletcore. Carry on reading to find out its history, why you should shop this trend responsibly and tips on how to style key pieces.

What Is Balletcore?

The balletcore trend aims to encompass the lifestyle of a ballerina: feminine, youthful, delicate, graceful. Just as fashion takes inspiration from a variety of art forms, balletcore appears on the runway as an aesthetically pleasing, transformed version of this artistic dance. Rather than practical activewear worn in training by ballerinas, items such as tulle, ribbons, ballet pumps, wrap dresses and cardigans are adapted to be worn in a casual chic manner on the streets.

Balletcore Fashion Trend Influences

Classical ballet characteristics have been present in fashion for many years, with tulle, lace, ribbons and delicate fabrics incorporated in designs for a feminine touch and feel. The elegance and complexity of costumes translates into wearable everyday pieces, as ballet components become increasingly literal in recent years.

Looking back into the 1980s influences, style icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker popularised leg warmers, big tulle skirts and bows, which were at the centre of the classic girly style. Athleisure was very present throughout this decade, the ‘off duty’ dancer trend giving women an effortless look and feel to their outfits.

Luxury brands and their huge exposure thanks to social media led to catwalk pieces being globally recognised. Miu Miu’s aim of designing youthful and feminine garments captivated audiences and led to the title of ‘Brand of the Year’, with its infamous ballet flats following as hottest product. Maison Margiela Paris also takes influence from ballet, more recently in its Spring/Summer 2023 collection, the brand’s fine eye for detail appears to inspire a high in demand trend.

The surge in athleisure didn’t limit itself to the pandemic; lounge wear is now one of the most popular street styles. And with Tik Tok’s algorithm pushing ‘soft core’ and ‘clean girl aesthetic’ to the top of the search bar, designers find it hard to not incorporate comfort, neutral tones and minimalism in their own capsule collections.

With all the above elements responsible for encompassing an elegant, girly, playful and soft side to fashion, 2023’s trend predictions are now definite. 90s minimalism, sheer and super mini-skirts.

Balletcore Fashion Key Pieces

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses create an amazing silhouette and elongate the bust – the perfect summer outfit that can be styled casually with trainer and layered denim jacket or knit. If you fancy glamming it up, we suggest some heeled sandals and leg warmers.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are the epitome of a cute and cosy accessory. Originally designed with the intention of keeping ballerinas warm during training, they have evolved to a day out essential perfect for spring, autumn and winter. Paired with Ugg boots and leggings for a more casual look, or loafers, tights and a mini dress for more formality, leg warmers definitely elevate any wardrobe.


A staple for femininity throughout the history of fashion, bows in all sizes are making a comeback. Delicate mini bows on dresses, or oversized ones to be worn in the hair, they can be paired with a matching balletcore style outfit, or with a contrasting sporty or biker outfit for a bit of edge. 

Wrap Cardigans

Similarly to a wrap dress, the cardigan offers a gorgeous silhouette. Not only are cardigans super comfy, they provide the perfect overlayer for all seasons. Vintage cardigans have both a particular softness and a unique character.

Tulle Skirts

Tulle skirts and their light, airy fabric are surprisingly versatile. If you’re looking for a Carrie Bradshaw fun and flirty outfit, pair the skirt with a tank top and layered long necklaces. For a cooler, more hype look, contrast with an oversized hoodie and blazer as Gigi Hadid would. Tulle skirts are definitely sticking around and can be adapted to a variety of wardrobes. 

Ballet Shoes

A perfect alternative for a high heel and a contrast to the classic trainer, ballet flats are the first item to pop in mind when thinking of this trend. We suggest pairing with leg warmers and Dickies mini skirt!


Bodysuits create the illusion of a long torso and hug the waistline, giving that graceful ballerina effect. They create a seamless blend on the waist when worn under bottoms and give a natural shapewear feel. We would pair a bodysuit with a mini skirt, laced knee-high socks and heeled sandals.

Shop Balletcore Fashion

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