Fast Lane: Behind the Collection, Vintage Remade Clothing & It's Influence

Fast Lane: Behind the Collection, Vintage Remade Clothing & It's Influence

Motor sports fashion is here, and we're bringing you trackside ready looks perfect for the change of season. Our team give you a behind the scenes look into the collection, it's influence and what you can expect. 

Where is "Fast Lane" inspired from? 

Fast Lane is influenced by American culture, motor racing, 80s style and the film, Drive. Playing on the checkerboard pattern seen at race days and the extravagant advertisments of race-wear brands across leather jackets

What can we expect to see throughout the collection? 

Racing Jackets 

Racing jackets are often colour blocked with panels and leather in material. They offer a boxy, oversized silhouette, perfect for laying over mini skirts or with a y2k style low rise jean. All of our leather racing jackets are one of a kind vintage pieces, sourced from all across the world. They're the ultimate must have in our Fast Lane collection this Spring. 

Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are going to be a spring/summer staple this season, providing the perfect base layer for a baby tee or vintage blouse to accompany. Our styles are available in a range of denim washes and silhouettes including rara, micro and asymetric.

Remade Clothing

Our team have been busy at our South Yorkshire HQ working on new, innovative remade styles for our Fast Lane collection. Including a checkerboard Denim Motorcycle Jacket made using damaged jeans and off cuts. A raglan baby tee reinventing an old, damaged T-Shirt that was destined for landfill and a Racing Jacket reimagined using a pair of unwanted Dickies trousers. 

Leather Trousers 

Leather trousers are seen throughout our Fast Lane collection and are perfect for effortless dressing with their straight cut silhouette. Style them up with a baby tee or brave the double leather look with a Cafe Racer Jacket. 

Hayley's Styling Notes: 

Style with maxi denim skirts, parachute pants, tiny party dresses for a grunge look or baggy denim & white baby tee, low rise Y2K denim & mini skirts for the more casual vibe. As all of our jackets our second hand, they naturally have that worn in look you can't replicate when you're buying new, they're heavy, with sturdy zips and popper collars. Motor cross jackets are a genderless, timeless piece which can be styled in so many ways. 

The reason I personally love these jackets so much is that they really do go with everything making it such a versatile item of clothing.  

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