Gift the planet with sustainable Christmas Sweaters

Gift the planet with sustainable Christmas Sweaters

We’re on the countdown to Christmas which means that festive jumpers are in full swing everywhere you look. But how can we join the fun without contributing to the problem of fast-fashion?


What is the impact of Christmas Jumpers?

We Are Tearfund speaks on Christmas jumpers having a bigger impact on the environment than you might think. With an estimated £220m spent on festive jumpers every year and a whopping 10 million of us searching for them online every year, it’s clear that they are high in demand. Environmental charity Hubub found that 1 in 4 Christmas jumpers bought were thrown away or never worn again. Even more shockingly, 1 in 3 of us buy a new festive jumper EVERY year so we aren’t seen in the same one again. 

So, how can this be solved?

We love tacky, light up, sparkly jumpers as much as you do, so why don’t you buy one second hand? We have a huge selection of vintage Christmas jumpers to suit every style! 


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