Glass Onion & The Beatles, featuring new 70s Penny Lane coats

Glass Onion & The Beatles, featuring new 70s Penny Lane coats

A question we often get asked is where does the brand name Glass Onion come from? We’re letting the secret out of the bag - heard of The Beatles? Our founder, John Hickling, is very fond of the 60s rock band and has told us all about the origin of Glass Onion. 

It was 2005 and our Founder, John, was trying to decide on a name for his new vintage eBay shop he’d just started. He is a huge Beatles fan and their song “Glass Onion” was playing in the background while he was trying to decide. The name seemed to fit!

A few years ago we actually thought about rebranding and ditching the name Glass Onion. But then John did some research and stumbled across an article that talked of how John Lennon had a liking for the phrase “Glass Onion” as it had connotations of transparency and multiple layers. We felt this reflected our brand well so we decided to stick with it.

To celebrate John's (and many people in our warehouse’) love for The Beatles we have brought together a collection of 70s style Penny Lane coats, which have all been handpicked, laundered, listed and photographed in house at our South Yorkshire HQ.

These style of jackets have been worn for decade by musicians including The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix - styled with knitwear, denim and leather. 

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