4 Steps To Take Care Of Your Vintage Fleece

4 Steps To Take Care Of Your Vintage Fleece

Vintage Fleeces are a warm, durable staple for the winter months and they can last for years if you take good care of them and they're generally safe to wash in a washing machine! There’s just a few steps to follow to make sure they stay in tip-top condition.

1.) Spot Treating

Spot treat any visible stains using a sponge with soap or a mild detergent on the targeted stained areas. Sponge gently to lift dirt and leave on for 10 minutes. Blot it out with a paper towel or a dry sponge. Make sure you don’t rub too hard when spot treating or the dirt could settle deeper into the fleece fibre. For extra stubborn spots try a mild acid like lemon juice or vinegar to lift the stain. 

2.) Washing

Turn your fleece inside-out and wash them on a gentle cycle using cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners and bleach to ensure your vintage fleece stays durable and waterproof. Only wash a fleece when necessary; Clothes will suffer more wear and tear from over washing, and you'll save water, energy and effort. 

3.) Drying

Air-drying is the best method for vintage fleeces, but that's hard in winter, so if you choose to pop your fleece in the dryer, set it to its lowest setting and remove the item straight away when the cycle is finished. The key to keep a fleece soft is to never expose it to direct heat, so never put it in the dryer with a heated setting, as it can melt the fibres and cause it to shrink.

4.) Keeping it bobble-free

Remove those annoying bits from your fleece by using a lint roller, brushing down the fleece while you’re wearing it or on a flat surface. You can even use a blunt razor and run it gently over the fleece. 

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