BTS: Match Day Essentials

BTS: Match Day Essentials

For our World Cup Campaign Hayley & Andy wanted to capture how they will be watching the upcoming tournament, in the pub with their mates. Hayley hand selected pieces which touched on different eras of football fashion from the late 70s and early 80s. Football fans travelled through Europe watching their teams, taking inspiration from their fellow European counterparts, importing brands such as Stone Island and Fila, creating what’s known as ‘Terrace Fashion’.  

What is Terrace Fashion? ‘the rise of the casuals’
Originally, Terrace wear described the fashion worn by fans while watching their team from a football ground or a football stadiums terrace. football terraces were a place to shout and chant for your favourite team whilst wearing club colours.

Now, a lot has changed, and thanks to the popularity of streetwear and collaborations between football fashion brands and popular rap artists like drake, terrace wear is a big business 

In the 90s, Britpop came along and bands like Happy Mondays and Oasis fully embraced the casual aesthetic; giving these new football fans their own soundtrack. Stone Island became the new brand to wear on the terraces, becoming an iconic hooligan football staple. 

The casual aesthetic lives on in football fashion today. And thanks to the popularity of  luxury street-style clothes,  Many popular brands from the subculture’s history, such as Stone Island, C.P. Company and Fred Perry can still be seen on football terraces up and down the country and now, the world.

Our World Cup campaign was inspired from the popular bloke core trend which surfaced in the Summer. Gaining popularity through TikTok, we know this trend isn't immediately going anywhere with the up-and-coming FIFA world cup tournament just days away. 

Key pieces to fulfil the bloke core aesthetic is baggy or straight leg jeans ( Levi 501s) football strip, Adidas Sambas & a branded track top which you can shop in our Match Day Essentials Collection...

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