Party Wear: The Icons That Inspired Our New Collection

Party Wear: The Icons That Inspired Our New Collection

For this year's party collection we wanted to go all out. When Hayley started hand selecting each piece, she kept going back to some of the most iconic party looks of all time. We couldn't not share what she found!

Our collection features some incredible vintage sequin pieces. Our favourite ever sequin look has to be Bianca Jaggers all red sequin fit which she wore to The Hollywood Design Exhibition in New York City in 1974. (we can't get over the matching red beret).


Next up is Paris Hiltons 21st birthday dress. Paris went overboard with her birthday celebrations and booked parties all over the world for several months (we don't blame her) including Studio 54 in New York, Tokyo, Paris (Paris in Paris) and finally a legendary party in LA where she wore the iconic silver sparkley dress. A dress so iconic that countless celebrities and models have been sporting the look ever since, including Kendall Jenner. 

With the vintage mini slip dresses in our collection, you can recreate Paris famous look.

90s style icon Kate Moss often wore one-of-a-kind vintage finds throughout her partying years. She had an effortless approach to getting dressed up, wearing little to no makeup and her hair simply scraped back, and she still gave you goosebumps. Her shimmery slip dress will forever live rent free in our minds. Wearing one-of-a-kind vintage guarantees that no one else will show up to your Christmas work party in the same outfit. 

It-Girl of the '60s, Edie Sedgwick was a muse for the likes of Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. Bob Dylan's songs including "Just like a woman" and "Leapord-Skin Pill-Box Hat" from his 1966 album Blonde on Blonde are reportedly about Sedgwick. She was a big part of the New York party scene, and brought an original, bohemian style. She had short choppy blonde hair and would wear oversized jewellery from her travels and vintage fur coats. We love her look here in a simple black shift dress and a charity shop fur, encapsulating the boho-glam look. 

Of course we have to mention the one and only Cher and the almost-naked dress that shocked the world. This style of dress had been worn before by the likes of Marylin Monroe in the film "some like it hot', but designer Bob Mackie made the design more daring and skin-baring than ever before. Cher had the confidence to wear this dress like it was a pair of jeans and we are here for it!

One of our stylist, Hayley's favourite pieces in the collection has to be the velvet cowl maxi dress which she says reminds her so much of Elvira Hancock in Scarface. These are a limited run remade in our in-house factory in Barnsley from deadstock fabric! Our first venture into the deadstock fabric world. 

Harry Styles was a huge influence when picking our blouses & shirts for the collection, particularly his looks from his Love On tour. Big collars, shimmery fabrics, worn undone and styled with suit pants; perfect for the Christmas season. 

We all love sparkles when it comes to party season, but sequins and plastic don't biodegrade. It's estimated that about 7 million sequinned garments will end up in landfill this festive season. When you buy second hand gems this party season, you're saving something from landfill, and you won't see anyone wearing the same outfit as you during the festive season! 

For slip dresses, faux fur coats, shimmery blouses and more, shop our party wear collection now.

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