SS22 Remade Collection

SS22 Remade Collection

Our 3rd Remade Collection #TheBrandNewSecondHand is available online now! This collection continues the story and brand identity of Glass Onion whilst offering vast, new options for both Menswear and Womenswear. Take a look here

SS22 is aiming to create good quality remade products which are consistent in look and fit whilst being accessible. The garments are inspired by a combination of our 4 customer types, relevant trends and our vintage product knowledge. 

From concept development to completion, our Remade Collection is created completely in-house. This means every piece is designed, fit, manufactured and photographed under our own roof.

Having full control over each step in the Remade process is something we’re so proud of and allows us to be a Real Living Wage+ employer whilst at the same time helping the planet with what we do! 

Each piece in the collection has been created using unwanted second hand clothing that was destined for landfill; transforming them into something completely new that can we worn again. 


Meet the team who made this collection happen👇

“We wanted to create great quality sustainable remade products that are accessible on a budget. In the designs, themes such as the 70’s, 90’s, Y2K, Ivy League, sportswear and Fem are brought together to create fun and unique pieces”. Andy Fussey, Collection Designer 



We're so excited the collection is finally out there! Shop it here #TheBrandNewSecondHandSS22