A Bit About Us

A Bit About Us

Our First Glass Onion Lock-up

Where it all began

Glass Onion started back in 2006 with our Founder, John, selling vintage out of his Grandma’s coal shed. 6 months on, we had outgrown this and moved into a tiny top-floor lock-up located in Barnsley town centre. And yes, it was an unglamorous as it looks in the picture.

How things are looking today

14 years on and 10 units later, things are looking a little different! While our warehouse might have had an upgrade, we haven’t strayed far from our roots- we’re just a stone’s throw from where it all began. Our story started with 2 people and now we have a team of over 45 working together to keep our customers happy.

 Our Glass Onion Warehouse

What goes on behind the scenes

We source our vintage clothes from textile recycling plants across Europe and the USA, with a new delivery landing in our HQ every week by the container load. Our warehouse is basically heaven for anyone who loves vintage! Inside, we grade, launder, rework and ticket thousands of pieces every day. We then ship our vintage in wholesale quantities to our high street customers across the globe, as well as sell select pieces on our online store for anyone in the world to get their hands on. Some also ends up a little closer to home in our very own Sheffield store down the road!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about who we are and what we do- we’d love to chat!