The Crown Series 6: Our Involvement, Release Date and The Cast

The Crown Series 6: Our Involvement, Release Date and The Cast

As a vintage wholesaler, we often get the privilege of working with exciting brands on and off the high-street. We also regularly get messages about buying from our vintage warehouse to style for TV, film and music videos! Throwing it back to 2019 when Amanda Cox, from The Crown costume department messaged about their interest in buying from our warehouse for their series - we couldn’t turn down the royal request. Fast forward to The Crown Season 6, our wholesale services have remained to be required. We’re going to chat about our involvement and some of your frequently asked questions answered by Amanda herself.

What We Know About Series 6 So Far

It may have come as a surprise to fans of Netflix The Crown that there would be a series 6 gracing our screens. Creator of the show, Peter Morgan, says "As we started to discuss the storylines for series 5, it soon became clear that in order to do justice to the richness and complexity of the story we should go back to the original plan and do six seasons,". Soon started production for The Crown Series 6 whilst series 5 was being filmed. It will very much feel like a continuation from series 5, with the same era being portrayed. 

With the news of the  late Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Peter Morgan, the series’ creator announced on September 9th that production for the show would be paused. He confirmed that The Crown is a love letter to her and that filming will pause to pay respects.

The storyline will continue  to showcase from series 5, but in greater detail, including exploring Diana, Princess of Wales’ final days and her relationship with late boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. The story of Prince of Wales, William, in his younger days becoming a university student and meeting his now wife and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is also portrayed. The series has confirmed it won’t be showing the impact of the fatal car crash of Diana, only the previous events.

Image source: Netflix 

The Crown Series 6 Cast

As they continue from Season 5 of The Crown, there's not much change in the cast for Series 6. Imedla Stauton continues as Queen Elizabeth II, Dominic West as Prince Charles and Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales. We also see new faces playing the 00s era of Prince William, Ed McVey and Kate Middleton, Meg Bellamy.

Image source: Netflix

When is The Crown Series 6 Release Date?

Netflix have recently announced that The Crown Series 6 is going to be released in two parts. Part one lands on the 16th of November 2023 and the second less than a month later, on the 14th of December 2023, giving you some time to recoup and enjoy the final episodes in the festive period.

The Crown at The HQ

We caught up with Amanda about her experience picking stock at our warehouse, here are some of her frequently asked questions on The Crown Series 6. 

Talk us through the process of picking stock for the show. Where does the stock picking begin? 

I had a very specific brief for crowd scenes. The costumes we went to Glass Onion Vintage for were 90’s based Miami and Italy and so knew Glass Onion Vintage would stock what we needed in bulk. We bought the clothes in crates which were weighed for a price, then transported to the office where we would outfit them.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to the HQ to pick stock? 

I love the Glass Onion Vintage ethos. Sustainability is important so being able to prolong the life of secondhand clothes through costume is a good feeling. Glass Onion Vintage is also stocked incredibly well so you can achieve great looks for the characters.

Image source: Netflix 

Which are your favourite looks from the series and why? 

Amy Roberts, the Costume Designer, and her team have done an incredible job of creating the looks for The Crown. If I had to choose, it would be most of Diana’s, Elizabeth Debicki's, wardrobe.

What would be your dream show to pick stock for at our HQ? 

Anything ‘timeless’. There’s a few shows that are described to be timeless and often have a retro/American feel to them. Glass Onion Vintage would lend itself to that sort of brief.

Is there anything else you’d like to add

Everyone at Glass Onion Vintage was tremendously helpful and I’ll be back in the future when the right job calls for it.

Bulk Buying Vintage at our Barnsley Warehouse

For over 15 years we’ve been supplying vintage to high street brands, vintage stores and production companies. Whether you’ve found us through word of mouth, online or our Vintage stores and Pop Up events, if you'd like to buy in bulk with us, drop into our wholesale inbox, our wonderful sales team will take your enquiry. Depending on what you’d like to buy our following steps will vary. 

In the case of The Crown contacting us, we have offered for them to visit our warehouse to select the product, they emailed over items that they were interested in, based on the production we also love a little mood-board of the types of product categories needed. We then proceed with booking a day for the visit.

One of our sales team will then help assist on what the producers are looking to pick, depending on the level of detail provided in the initial communication. We then pick-out boxes of stock for them to look at and work through. Prices vary based on the grade of product.

We then will pack all the products picked in boxes and ship to the companies’ address - ready for them to use on set!

Vintage for TV & Film 

The Crown is only one of the few shows we have had the pleasure of having our vintage showcased in. Below we talk about a handful of other TV and film we’ve been excited to work with.

Photograph- Charades/Sarah Makharine 


Starring Paul Mescal, Frankie Corlo and Celia Rowlson-Hall, Aftersun is a reflective film which follows 11 year old Sophie, and her father, Calum, on their holiday at a Turkish resort. Calum struggles with the world of adolescence which creeps into Sophie's view.

Throughout the film you’ll find our denim shorts as well as vintage Adidas.

Creator- Photo Credit- Courtesy Twentieth  Copyright- TM & © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Following the rise and fall of 1970s band, Queen. From the band getting together and Freddie Mercury leaving to pursue a solo career, then reuniting for the benefit concert Live Aid - one of the greatest performances in rock n roll history is beautifully portrayed in this film. 

The recreated Live Aid performance was so realistic compared to what graced our screens in 1985. We had the pleasure of being involved in the costumes for the crowd scene, portraying the era through Branded Polo’s, T-Shirts, Denim and more.


Burning up the tracks, English boy James Hunt, played by Chris Hemsworth, and Australian Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Brühl, share rivalry in F1 racing. Whilst Hunt and Lauda burn up the tracks, the women in their lives sit back and watch how they push themselves through mental endurance. 

70s clothing is a style which we get in abundance here at the HQ. We were involved in the costume for the crowd scene and supplied vintage clothing including Jackets, Coats, Fleeces and Sweatshirts, all seen behind the fencing watching the race. 

Other TV Show and Films: 

  • Deal or No Deal Festival Edition
  • Glen Kitsen on Sky Sports 
  • Everyones Talking About Jamie
  • Sebastian Film

Vintage Styling for Music

Similarly for TV and film, we also get contacted by musicians to style for music videos, photoshoots or on stage. Now and again we may have a random visit from John’s (bossman)  friend of a friend, Bob Sinclair and his son. 

Photo credit: Charlie Barclay Harris @chrlbrclyhrrs

The Mysterines

One of the Arctic Monkeys support acts for The Car Tour, The Mysterines (styled by Phoebe), contacted us about dressing the band for their show in Sheffield's Hillsborough Park. Phoebe picked out the perfect western style shirts for the boys to warm up the crowd in the northern park. 


Image Source: Bob Sinclair 

Bob Sinclair & Raphael Le Fraint

Bob Sinclair and his son Raphael came to the warehouse one afternoon whilst in the UK on tour. If you’re a follower of the French producer and DJ, you’ll know how much he loves vintage. The warehouse was a gold mine for him and his son.

Raphael Le Fraint also runs his online vintage store, @aboutdreamsclo where he up-cycles vintage denim with his signature butterfly print.

Sonni Mills

A Bansley based up and coming musician, Sonni Mills has visited our warehouse for a photoshoot to promote her music; we also recently gifted her some pieces including an Adidas track jacket featured on her Instagram. 

Other Musicians:

  • While She Sleeps
  • Charlotte Haining 
  • South Arcade 

Bulk Buying Vintage

We’d love for you too to visit our warehouse. If you’re interested in buying bulk, buying vintage clothing for music, TV and Film, contact our wholesale team on and our sales team shall be in contact about the opportunity.