70s Style: How The Serpent has influenced this year's top trend

70s Style: How The Serpent has influenced this year's top trend

It’s been pretty difficult to avoid the hit BBC drama The Serpent during the latest lockdown. It has now become the most watched BBC show since Normal People, with more than 31 million views. Set in Thailand during the mid 70s, the binge worthy series tells the story of the real-life serial killer Charles Sohbraj and his accomplice Marie-Andrée Leclerc.  

The Serpent 1

 But it’s not just the murders, diamonds and deception that’s caught the attention of viewers. The show is believed to be responsible for a surge in interest in 1970s clothing, with viewers admiring the outfits of actress Jenna Coleman, put together by Costume Designer Rachel Welsh.

The Serpent 2

The Serpent 3

Evidence for this can be found in online shopping data with eBay reporting that searches for halter-neck tops, flares, print blouses, kaftans and big sunglasses has risen dramatically- in some cases by 158%!

Priyanka Patel, Senior Trading Manager at eBay UK has said “it’s clear that the nation has been influenced by the 1970s setting of the show”.

The Serpent 4

But it seems it’s not just the 70s clothing that has inspired shoppers. Key homewear styles of the decade has peaked in popularity too. According to Livingetc Magazine, 1970s interiors is on track to become one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021. Habitat have reported searches for 1970s staples such as rattan & bamboo have risen by up to 3000+%. With there being additional high demand for 70s style textured upholstery such as bouclé, corduroy, and quilting.

The Serpent 5

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