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Explore our full range of vintage Carhartt clothing, including jackets, denim and gilets. American born and bred, vintage Carhartt clothing is tough, durable and extremely long lasting. Originally founded in 1889, Carharrt didn’t fully establish itself as a street fashion brand until 1994. Traditionally known for creating workwear and uniforms, Carhartt took on a new lease of life in the early ’90s when rappers and graffiti artists began to wear the brand, solidifying Carhartt’s streetwear credentials. Producing effortlessly stylish, practical and durable clothing, vintage Carhartt pieces are in just as good shape now as the day they were made. We offer a wide collection of vintage Carhartt clothing including vintage Carhartt jackets, hoodies, vintage Carhartt gilets, t-shirt, shirts and vintage Carhartt jeans. For clothing that will truly stand the test of time vintage Carhartt is a must. Style with pieces from our men’s and women’s vintage clothing ranges for a flawless finish. Shop the full collection of women’s and men’s vintage Carhartt clothing below.