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Shop our collection of Unisex Reworked Vintage Clothing. Featuring Remade Trousers, Shorts, Jeans, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Outerwear, Accessories and more. 

Designed and made in South Yorkshire, our Glass Onion Reworked Vintage Clothing collection features pieces that have been lovingly handmade from damaged clothing and transformed into on-trend Vintage Clothing.

From Reworked Bucket Hats that are sure to bring the party vibes to your next get together to Reworked Tops and Bottoms that can be worn all year round, our on trend Remade collection is truly like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Additionally, we offer Reworked Vintage Clothing pieces from brands such as Dickies and Levi's, so you can wear your favourite brands in a whole new way.

With our Reworked Clothing collection, you can choose from various styles, fabrics, colours, fits, and prints. Shop the full collection of Glass Onion Reworked Vintage Clothing today.