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Discover our collection of vintage Lacoste clothing, including polo shirts, jackets, tracksuits and more. Founded in 1933, by René Lacoste who was a famous French tennis player in the 1920’s, Lacoste has a rich history of innovation and style. As the inventor of the polo shirt, Lacoste revolutionised casual sportswear for tennis players and has gone on to produce a vast range of sportswear and accessories. Though the brand has evolved with the times, one thing has remained the same - the trademark embroidered crocodile. Thanks to René’s tennis nickname “crocodile", Lacoste made history by becoming the very first brand to put a logo on its clothing. Since its launch, Lacoste has become synonymous with youth culture and sports giving the brand a cool edge with vintage fashion hunters. We offer an extensive range of vintage Lacoste clothing including tracksuits, jackets, knitwear and vintage Lacoste polo shirts. Available in a range of classic and vibrant retro styles we offer vintage Lacoste clothing for both men and women. Explore some of our other favourite vintage sports brands including Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry and Champion.