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Shop our collection of exclusive Reworked Vintage Tops, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Crop Tops, Shirts, Jackets and more. Remade by our in house South Yorkshire, UK  team of machinists, each piece in our Reworked Vintage Tops collection has been handmade from damaged clothing and transformed into responsibly made on-trend Vintage Clothing. In addition to Reworked Tops, we also offer Remade Rare Vintage, Basics, Bottoms and Accessories. Featuring a range of Remade Vintage Tops our upcycled collection is the ultimate wardrobe game-changer. Each piece in our Reworked Tops collection is completely unique offering a diverse range of styles, fabrics, colours, fits and prints. From Reworked Sweatshirts and Shirts to Reworked Crop Tops and T-Shirts, it's never been easier to curate your own vintage style. We also offer Reworked Branded Clothing, allowing you to wear your favourite brands in a never seen before way. Offering an updated take on all your vintage staples, our Reworked Tops collection features 70s prints, Boxy Fits, Reversed Tops, Reworked Shirts, Feminine Blouses, Halter Tops, Outerwear and so much more. Shop the full collection of Remade and Reworked Vintage Tops today.