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Shop our collection of Unisex, Women’s and Men’s Vintage Shorts including Denim Shorts, Basketball Shorts, Patterned Shorts, Suede Shorts, Sports Shorts and more. Perfect for lounging, sports activities, holidays and summer heatwaves, our Vintage Shorts will see you through the summer. Choose from unique vintage finds, as well as items from your favourite vintage brands like Levi’s, Adidas, and Wrangler. Relax in comfort and style with Glass Onion’s range of Vintage Shorts. Whether you’re heading on holiday or relaxing at home, our Men’s and Women’s Vintage Shorts will become your go to staple. Available in a range of colours and fits, Vintage Shorts can be worn for both smart and casual occasions. Featuring a range of styles including, Denim Shorts, Basketball Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Sports Shorts, Patterned Shorts and Running Shorts, there is something for everyone at Glass Onion. Try pairing our Vintage Shorts with an original Band Tee, for a unique grunge look, or a Polo Shirt if you prefer more of a casual, sporty aesthetic. Whatever your style, we have the perfect pair of Women’s and Men’s Vintage Shorts for you. Shop the full collection of Vintage Shorts today.