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The most popular global boot brand since the 60s, shop our collection of classic, Vintage Dr. Martens Boots, Shoes, and more. Sourced by our vintage clothing experts and checked for quality, these rare Boots are the perfect addition to your vintage wardrobe, as well as being built to last. Browse our range of styles, sizes and colours to find your perfect pairs of Docs! Dr. Martens boots, or DM’s for short, have been a mainstay of street fashion in the UK, remaining popular across the decades with various subcultures. Rockers, Punks, Skinheads, 2 Toners, and so many other alternative groups chose Dr. Martens boots as a way to express themselves. With roots in the working class, as well as music and art, we’re proud to stock these iconic Boots. With patented Airwear technology for long-lasting comfort and the distinctive yellow welt stitch, you can easily recognise a pair of Docs at ten paces and they’re versatile enough to wear with Dresses, Jeans, and more. For more Vintage Footwear, feel free to visit our Accessories category for vintage boots, shoes, and sneakers to add to your wardrobe. Check out some of our other favourite iconic brands including Vintage Fred Perry, Vintage Stone Island and Vintage Paul and Shark.