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Shop our collection of Vintage Reebok. Discover the timeless style and athletic heritage of one of the most iconic sportswear brands in the world. Notorious for its innovation, performance and street style our curated collection of Vintage Reebok has it all.

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Vintage Reebok Clothing

Vintage Reebok represents a rich legacy of athletic excellence and cutting-edge design. Since its inception in the 1980s, Reebok has continuously pushed the boundaries of sportswear fashion. Our collection pays homage to Reebok's iconic styles and features carefully curated vintage pieces that capture the essence of the brand's heritage.

With the rise of aerobics in the 80s, Reebok’s success soared to new heights with the brand not only producing trainers but also a stunning range of sportswear. Not only that but a range of celebrity endorsements with the likes of basketball legends Dominique Wilkins and Dee Brown as well as Shaquille O’Neal and Jay-Z to name a few, helped solidify the brand as a sportswear and streetwear brand. 

Now considered an iconic classic, Reebok’s retro style is just as popular with vintage thrifters. We offer a huge selection of Vintage Reebok clothing at Glass Onion that are ideal for styling with pieces from our Men’s and Women’s Vintage Clothing ranges.

Shop some of Reebok’s most coveted pieces and add a casual street-style look to your wardrobe with our range of Vintage Reebok Jackets. From practical yet stylish Vintage Reebok Windbreakers to fashion forward Vintage Reebok Track Jackets, it's never been easier to create an elevated sports luxe fit.

In addition, we also offer an excellent selection of Vintage Reebok Shorts. Ideal for wearing to the gym as well as in the park for summer, our Vintage Reebok Shorts combine style with comfort. Perfect for layering with a T-Shirt and your favourite pair of Trainers, or Vintage Reebok Sportswear can be worn with almost anything.

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