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Shop our collection of Vintage Sports Jerseys and Football Shirts, featuring a range of national and international sports leagues and teams as well as brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Starter and more. Ideal for collectors of Vintage Football Shirts and American Sports Jerseys as well as those of you wanting to support your team in a more responsible way. We have a huge selection of Retro Football Shirts and Match Worn Classic Football Shirts from the 80s, 90s and 00s for sale. Featuring international teams, Premier League Football Shirts and World Cup Football Shirts, you can now sustainably wear your team's colours with pride. From Vintage England Football Shirts to UEFA Euro Football Shirts, there’s a style for every match. So whether you’re singing Three Lions On A Shirt or Vindaloo, there’s a Vintage Football Shirt for everyone at Glass Onion. In addition, we also offer Vintage Sports Jerseys for a range of Amerian sports including Baseball, Basketball, and Football Jerseys. Retro Sportswear is perfect for putting together a unique athleisure or Hypebeast look, lounging around at home and watching the game, or even representing your favourite team on the field or court. Browse the uniforms of classic NBA teams like the Lakers or Miami Heat, baseball legends like the New York Yankees, or NFL Champions like the Dallas Cowboys. Built for performance as well as fashion, all of our Retro Sports Jersey’s have been respomsibly sourced and hand-picked by our in house team. Shop the full collection of Vintage Sports Jerseys and Retro Football Shirts today.